Weeks 5-7 Summary

I have not posted a weekly summary since week 4. Mostly there has not been anything earth shattering during the last 3 weeks until I think about the 3 weeks as a whole. During this time I have finished my job assignment in Washington DC, moved back to Tennessee, started my “new” job, and moved in with my fiancé. That is actually a lot of change even without following a specific nutrition plan. I will not say that the program has been easy there these changes but I have stayed the course and not cheated. There is now tempted food in my house which has sparked some cravings. I have been handling that by finding something else to do which is quite easy when you still have boxes piled up that need to be unpacked.

I have started to get settled into a new routine. I have been getting into work early so that I can go to the 4:30 Crossfit WOD. I prefer the earlier WOD because then I have time to cook dinner and still go to bed at a reasonable time. I am starting back to Crossfit Endurance today which I have not done for 2 weeks now.

Some things that I have noticed over the last few weeks…

  1. I am eating the same things over and over. I am not particularly bored with what I am eating but I think some variety would be good.
  2. My performance in the gym is finally improving again after a pretty steep drop early in the nutrition program.
  3. Almost everyone I talk to is commenting that they can tell I have lost weight. My clothes are getting really big. The pants I wore today were a little tight 7 weeks ago and now I have at least 4 inches of extra space around the waist. I had to buy a belt.
  4. My fingernails are crazy strong. I have always had really weak, brittle nails that would never grow and would split really easy. Now they are super strong and hard.
  5. My sleep also seems to have leveled out. I sleep well most of the time just not always enough which is something I can control.

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