Getting Real about Calories

Some people worry about the amount of calories that might be consumed on the Whole30. You definitely eat a large volume of food because of all the veggies. The concern about eating too many calories most likely stems from the idea of calorie balance or that in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. This idea of calorie balance does not consider the quality of the calories or the effect of the food on your body. If weight loss was really just about calories someone could eat nothing but cookies and lose weight along as they burned more calories than they consumed. That idea is ridiculous. Cookies or other junk food are so nutrient poor and have such a negative effect on your hormones that there is no conceivable way that you could lose weight just based on calories. I have not tracked calories or any macro-nutrients during this program so I actually have no idea how many calories I am actually eating but I am eating a lot of food and appear to be losing weight. My exercise has been somewhat sporadic during the program too so it is not simply exercise that is causing weight loss. In reading “It Starts with Food” I have learned so much about how certain foods effect your hormones and how your body processes the food. Nutrient poor food leaves you just wanting more food while nutrient dense food provide a healthy hormone response and leave you satisfied.


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