Getting Real about Real Food

I just finished reading Chapters 13, 14, and 15 of “It Starts with Food” which discusses which food groups make you healthier. It has been interesting to talk to people about what I can and cannot eat on this program. It always comes up some way or another if food is involved. I will tell someone that I am following a special program when they ask why are you not eating this or that. Then they want to know what program so I say it is based on the Whole30. I proceed to tell them a little about the program and why I am doing it. Then I tell them you can’t have added or artificial sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, or dairy. Their immediate response is to ask “what can you eat?” Well, quite a lot actually and I have found it reasonably easy to follow the program.

  1. Meat, seafood, and eggs. This one seems straight forward to most people but then the discussion ends up being about fat. It is surprising to people, myself included before the program, that fatty cuts of meat are fine and encouraged if they are organic and grass-fed. People are so afraid of fat.
  2. Vegetables and fruit. This one also seems pretty straight forward to most but then the discussion becomes what about corn or potatoes or peas, etc. People seems surprised that corn is not a vegetable. The program I am following currently allows no fruit which then leads to a discussion of being fat-adapted.
  3. The right fats. I probably learned the most in this chapter. We hear so much about fat in our health culture and it seems to change daily what is good or bad. What makes you healthier surprises people, again myself included. Who would ever think lard would be called healthy? Again, it must be organic, grass-fed lard so as to not have the toxic substances in the healthy fat. I also find the fat issue a bit confusing still but I know I am safe if I stick to olive oil, avocados, olives, and coconut.

I find now that I have been doing this for 40 days that I really don’t miss that other stuff. I am really surprised by that. My food is good and truly good for me now.


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