What the author of Derailed wrote about life getting in the way and running a “Health and Fitness trauma center” really resonates with me and my life of late. I just finished a 3 year assignment in Washington, DC and moved back to my hometown in Tennessee. Moving is crazy and really turns your life upside down. Now I am just trying to get everything back in order and figure out what my new routine will be. The author provides a recommendation of how to keep your fitness and diet on track when life gets in the way.

  1. Do your best to maintain your normal routine for as long as you can. (I have been trying but sleep has definitely been lacking.)
  2. Eating well and sleeping enough come first. (This has been my focus getting through my current derailment.)
  3. If you’re eating and sleeping well, get to the gym when you can. (I have been doing what I can here but it is only 2-3 days per week.)
  4. Your only priority is maintaining strength. (Mine has been Crossfit Endurance.)
  5. If you’re not able to train with your normal intensity, just do something. (That has been my plan more often than going to the gym for actual workouts.)

I think things are about to settle out to the new norm whatever that is going to be.


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