Challenges and Successes


Probably my biggest success with this program is that it is not as hard as I expected. Overall I really would not even call it hard at all. The food is tasty but it does require planning and preparation. The whole thing is becoming more natural now. I am planning to stick with this after the program is over but just not as strict.

A specific success that stands out in mind occurred on Day 12. I ate breakfast before 8am but was unable eat lunch until after 2pm. I am normally hungry after 3-4 hours. I had a very long meeting that day which I had not expected to be so long so I had no snacks with me. In the past, if I had gone that long without eating I would have been a horrible person to be around. I would have been tired, cranky, angry, and hungry as well as possibly sick feeling. However, on this day I was able to get through the meeting no problem. I was hungry but none of the other things. I went home and did not immediately grab the first thing I could to eat, I actually fixed lunch and was able to enjoy it.


I realized from the beginning that this program would require planning and preparation. I cleaned out the kitchen and went grocery shopping with a list based on some general plans about meals for the week. Everything went pretty well that first week. I did a similar thing for week 2 and all went fine. I also prepare and pack my lunch and snacks the night before any work day so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning. I have had a few days that I just did not want to fix lunch and I had a backup plan for that.

Then in week 3, our fruit was restricted to basically only at lunch. That actually was not even as hard as I was afraid it would be. The challenge has become the grocery shopping. I have stopped buying fruit since now in week 4 it is not allowed but I have not been buying enough other food to compensate for the fruit and therefore I am running out of food before the week is over. Week 3 I did not buy any fruit because I had a lot of fruit leftover from week 2 and the fruit was being restricted. My food only lasted 5 days that week. Then in week 4 I bought what I thought would be enough and that only lasted 6 days which included eating out. Hopefully this week I did a little better. I really thought about what I was buying and making sure I got enough.


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