Weeks 3 and 4 Summary

So I did not get Week 3 posted when I should have so this is now the Weeks 3 and 4 summary.

Week 3

  • I was so tired all week. I only went to the gym twice and I did not want to go then.
  • I learned that I had been using fruit to get my sugar fix when our fruit intake was restricted.

Week 4

  • I am back to regular workouts and have stepped up the number of workouts. My performance is about what it had been other than now I don’t need a day off between each session.
  • My sleep still up and down. When it is good it is really good and when it is bad it is really bad.
  • Fruit, nuts, and nut butters were completely eliminated that week. I was not eating nut butters hardly at all and also not eating nuts that often, but I miss fruit. As a result I am eating more veggies but I can’t seem to get my grocery shopping to reflect that and I am running out of food before the week is over.
  • I started Crossfit Endurance this week. I hate running but learning proper technique is helping me to hate it less. I have also noticed that my tendinitis is mostly gone.

Interesting blog article I found last week. http://bartleysrun.com/2013/08/whole-30-tips-tricks-and-lessons-learned.html


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