Getting Real Day 22


I did not sleep well at all. Sunday nights are really hard for me for some reason even if I do not sleep in on the weekend. The car alarm going off in the street did not help either.


I am trying the 6am classes this week since I am planning to try Crossfit Endurance which meets in the mornings.

Clean & Jerk:
1@60%+1, 1@70+1, 1@80+1, 1@85+1, 1@90, 1@95, 1@85, 1@90

Front Squat:
2@60%, 2@70, 2@80, 2@85, 2@90, 1@95, 2@90

My score:

C&J: working on technique, 3@15#, 3@20, 2@25, 2@25, 2@25

FS: 3@35#, 2@40, 2@45, 2@50, 2@55, 1@65, 2@60



Leftover cubed steak, 2 over-easy eggs fried in avocado oil, and mixed greens with cider vinegar and olive oil.



Taco salad: ground beef seasoned with onion, paprika, chili powder, garlic, and ground cumin, romaine, tomatoes, and spicy guacamole.



Grilled New York strip with roasted red pepper sauce, steamed green beans, and a roasted sweet potato with coconut oil.


I felt pretty good all day even with the poor sleep last night.


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