Getting Real Day 20


I felt like I slept okay but the sleep cycle app only gave me 83% on quality of sleep. I have been getting closer to 90% quality so I guess I did not sleep as well as I thought.


2 over-medium eggs fried in avocado oil, leftover meat sauce, 6 slices roasted sweet potato, and cucumber slices. That was the end of the meat sauce finally.



6 shrimp with spicy guacamole, 1 peach, and 1 apple sauteed in olive oil with cinnamon.



I attended a workshop on running mechanics today at the gym. I am the kind of person who skips the gym when running is on the schedule because I hate it that much. I hate it because it hurts so bad. But at the same time I am jealous of people who run.

We did drills and were corrected on our form. it was a really great class.


Taco salad: ground beef seasoned with onion, paprika, chili powder, garlic, and ground cumin, romaine, tomatoes, and spicy guacamole.



Stable energy all day. Overall a great day.


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