Getting Real Day 12


I slept well. I downloaded the Sleep Cycle App for my iPod which should give me good information on my sleep quality.



Leftover ground beef with 2 over-easy eggs fried in avocado oil with 3 apricots.



Leftover beef stew with carrots and onions, roasted asparagus, and 1/2 mango.


I did not have any snacks today.



Baked salmon over cabbage with mango salsa and guacamole and the other half of the mango from lunch.


Just walking.


Today was both good and stressful. I had a long meeting with my professor about my dissertation. The meeting was good and I am on the right track but there is still so much I have to do so that is stressful. In the past I would have really hit the sugar today based on how I was feeling but I did not. Additionally, I ate breakfast at 8am and did not eat again until 2pm. In the past I would have been so hungry, tired, and angry but I was hungry but not tired or angry. I was able to go home and fix lunch and enjoy it without just grabbing anything and everything available.


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