Getting Real Day 9


I slept really great. I fell asleep relatively easily and only woke up one time during in the night. I was awake about 15 minutes before my alarm clock went off and got up instead of lying in bed until it went off.

I also had a strange dream last night. Everyone has said you will have dreams about food but not yet. I dreamed about CrossFit. I dreamed that I was doing back squats with 250 pounds. My current back squat max is 90 pounds so I am a long way away from doing 250 pounds.



Leftover ground beef with 2 eggs fried in avocado oil and 3 apricots. An over-easy fried egg over ground beef with some hot sauce…yum yum.



Baked chicken with salad of romaine, spinach, cucumber, and red bell pepper with Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch dressing. I forgot to pack the tomatoes so those are still on my counter as opposed to being in my salad, sad times.



12 cherries, pumpkin seeds, flaked coconut, and Crown Prince skinless and boneless sardines in pure olive oil. This was a really big snack.



Leftover lemon chicken leg quarter (from Saturday), leftover roasted sweet potatoes (from Monday), roasted asparagus, and tomatoes.


Back Squats: 4@60%, 2×4@70, 4@80, 2@85, 4@80

My score: 4@55#, 4@65, 4@75, 4@85, 2@95, 4@95. That is a new PR for me again.


I noticed today that my seasonal allergies are getting better. I was having a rough time with some allergies last week but that seems to have cleared.

Boundless energy!!!


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