Week 1 Summary

Some observations from my first week on the Whole30 (in my case Whole60)…

  1. I had trouble sleeping, including falling sleep, staying asleep, waking up, and staying awake. I really just want to sleep a lot but then I could not sleep well at night.
  2. I had a slight headache on Monday evening but it passed and no headaches since.
  3. The food is really good but it does require planning ahead and grocery shopping. My lunches looked good enough that my co-workers thought what I was eating would be better than what they bought in the cafeteria or food court.
  4. Coconut flakes are awesome. This really was an epiphany for me. I have never been a fan of coconut but it is a good source of fat on the Whole30 so I have had coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut flakes all this week. And I must say again, coconut flakes are really, really good. I have eaten nearly a whole bag in one week and I did not even get them until mid-week.
  5. I have been dying to weigh myself but the scale is off-limits for this entire program.
  6. I have been surprised that I have not had but a few cravings. I am someone that had to have something sweet after dinner and could not walk by a candy bowl without taking 1 or 2 or 3… I craved a diet soda on Monday which I also find strange since I normally don’t drink soda except occasionally. And I craved chocolate during a meeting on Friday because there were chocolate caramel pretzels being passed around.
  7. Not counting calories or weighing my food is truly liberating. I have dieted on and off for years and there has always been some detail to record. Only having to record the item and take a picture is much easier than all the analysis.
  8. I had a PR at the gym which was unexpected and likely due to improvements leading up to this program and not specifically the Whole30 though I am sure good nutrition helped.
  9. I only went to the gym 2 days mostly because I was so tired all week. I did get out and do lots of walking though.

The Whole9Life has a timeline of what to expect during the Whole30 which is pretty accurate so far though I did not have a “kill all the things” day yet and day 6 was boundless energy followed by I just want a nap on Day 7.

I also found some great resources this week.









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