Preparing to Get Real

I should have posted this over the weekend but ran out of time, so here it is on Day 1 instead.

Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (Whole9) provide a great guide for getting starting on the Whole30. (Get the Quick-Start Guide here). Below is my progress in completing the steps in the guide.

1. Clean out your pantry


DONE…the pantry, the refrigerator, the freezer are all cleaned out. The is no unapproved food in my house. I donated everything I could to the local food bank, ate some of it over the last week or so, and threw everything else away. If it is not in my kitchen I am much less likely to cheat.

2. Plan a week’s worth of meals

Working on it but only about 4 days planned so far. Maybe I can get a little further after a trip to the farmers’ market tomorrow.

3. Go Shopping


DONE…I stocked up over the weekend on great food for most of the week. I also ordered a few items online. Of course this will need to be a weekly or several times a week activity.

4. Plan your go-to meals

Working on this too. Most likely items for me will be eggs or salads.

5. Set yourself up for success

This goes back to planning and always being prepared. How will you handle the various social situation that involve food? How do you deal with being hungry when you are out and about? Etc.

6. Ditch your scale


DONE…I weighed and did measurements on Sunday and now the scale is in the corner of the closet. Out of sight, out of mind.  I will weigh and measure again at the end but during I will only be checking how my clothes fit and how I feel to judge progress.


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