Why do I want to get real?


I have decided to take on a challenge. A challenge in nutrition. Why do I want to take a challenge in nutrition? Why do I want to get real with the food that I eat? Because I have finally realized how much the food I choose actually affects me and so many of the areas of my life.

The challenge…60 days of real food. Sounds easy right? If I eat it therefore it is food and must be real, right? Wrong!!! Have you read food labels lately? You have to have a degree to even consider understanding what is printed on the labels of the “food” that we eat. I have a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and I still don’t know what all that stuff is but I am sure it is not real food.

This challenge is based on the Whole30 created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (Whole9). The Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet which is basically very strict Paleo: no added sugar (none what so ever, not even artificial – remember I am getting real and artificial is definitely not real); no grains or legumes; no dairy; no alcohol; and no processed foods or preservatives.

Now obviously I am doing a little more than a Whole30 since I have already said I am taking on 9 weeks instead of 30 days. I doing this challenge with my CrossFit box, CrossFit South Arlington so there are some additional modification and restrictions throughout the challenge, many of which I do not even know about yet.

Now to answer the original question. Why do I want to get real with food? I have finally realized that food really does affect me. If I eat crap, I feel like crap. I know there are certain foods that do not “agree with” me but yet I still eat those foods, dairy is definitely one of those foods. I want better performance at the gym. I want to heal the tendonitis in my ankles that I have been living with for several years. I also want to lose some weight but this is not my primary reason for doing this.

The challenge starts on Monday, July 22. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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